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Vertical injection molding machine

Vertical plastic injection machine is a type of injection machine in which molten plastic material is injected into a specific mold. The shape of the object depends on the mold used in the machine.

دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک عمودی

In plastic injection machines, molds are placed horizontally or vertically. Objects such as cups, simple toys, buckets, etc. use the horizontal type of injection molding machine, and the object that needs to insert some metal parts uses the vertical type of injection molding machine.

Types of vertical plastic injection machines

  • Hydraulic injection machines
  • Electric injection machines
  • Hybrid injection machines

Vertical injection molding

In the plastic injection machine, a spiral piston is used to insert the heated plastic into the mold. As the material cools and hardens, it creates the final product. Everyday products created using this process include:

All kinds of water bottle caps

Disposable plastic products

Toys like Lego

Auto Parts

Sanitary ware packaging

Construction materials and materials

قالب تزریق عمودی

If you’ve bought anything from a store, chances are you’ve bought products made using this process.

The difference between vertical and horizontal injection machines

When you look at vertical and horizontal injection molding, there are some major differences you can see right away. A horizontal injection molding machine works on a horizontal axis, while a vertical injection molding machine works on a vertical axis. It is usually equipped with a rotary table.

This machine is perfect for insert molding applications and for applications where speed is required because you can load the mold quickly.

Advantages of vertical injection machine

Vertical injection molding machines are ideal when it comes to flexibility for production cycles, cost and the type of products that can be produced. A vertical injection molding machine uses less plastic than a horizontal machine because of the smaller shot size.

“Shot size” refers to the amount of heated plastic required during the injection molding process. With a vertical machine, the plastic comes from the top and lets gravity do the work, which reduces the amount of material needed and waste. This feature also makes material flow and temperature distribution more consistent.

A vertical injection machine also has a better design that allows multiple operations to be performed simultaneously. Rotary tables allow simultaneous use of two lower halves and one upper half. Therefore, it is perfect for projects that require a variety of moldings.

دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک عمودی

Specifications of the vertical injection machine


Clamping force is the amount of pressure required to hold the mold and product closed during the injection process. In vertical injection molding machines, especially when using book molds, the clamp is more reliable because the upper part of the mold is fixed by gravity.

In addition, the vertical clamping units in vertical molding machines are stronger and provide maximum flexibility with the associated mold tools.


Shot size is the amount of molten plastic required in the injection molding process. Because the plastic comes from the top, the size of the runner needed to complete a part is much smaller than with a horizontal molding machine. This process helps to reduce costs and reduce waste while making the process as efficient as possible.

قالب دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک عمودی

Applications of vertical injection machine

Vertical molding is suitable for iron, aluminum, brass/bronze and steel castings with mold sizes from 400 x 500mm to 1200 x 1050mm. This process is widely used in the automotive industry for high volume production of parts such as brake calipers, brake discs and exhaust manifolds. Many other applications include household frying pans and pipe fittings to fire hydrants, etc.

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The machine rotates on a vertical axis and can be more economical depending on the needs of your project. Now that you know more about vertical injection molding machines and how they differ from other machines, you can contact us to start your business.

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