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Semi automatic PET blow molding machine

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is known as polyester. The semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine can be divided into PET blow molding machine or Bloomolding extrusion machines according to the use of preform or parison. In the PET blow molding method, the process is easily controllable, the production efficiency is high, and the amount of waste is small, which is more common.

دستگاه پاد کن پت نیمه اتوماتیک

PET blow molding machine can be divided into two types, one is a pressurized bottle, such as a carbonated beverage bottle. Another is non-pressurized bottles, such as mineral water bottles, still drinks, edible oils, etc. which can withstand heat above 85 degrees Celsius. Water bottles are cold bottles, no need for heat resistance.

Semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine equipment

Equipment With the continuous development of science and technology and production scale, the PET blow molding machine is becoming more and more automatic, and the production efficiency is getting higher and higher. The production capacity of the equipment has been continuously improved, from the former production of thousands of bottles per hour to the production of tens of thousands of bottles per hour. The operation has also been developed from the manual type in the past to the current full computer control, which greatly reduces the difficulty of process operation and increases the stability of the process. At present, the manufacturers of automatic PET blowing machines are mainly French SIDEL and German KRONES. Although the manufacturers are different, the principles of their equipment are similar and generally include five parts: feeding system, heating system, blowing system, control system and auxiliary machinery.

بادکن پت دستی

Molding process with PET blowing machine. Important factors affecting the PET bottle molding process are the preform, heating, preblowing, mold and production environment. When making preforms for bottles, PET raw materials are first injection molded into the preforms. This requires that the proportion of secondary recycled materials should not be too high (below 5%), the number of recycling times cannot be more than two, and the molecular weight and viscosity should not be too low (the molecular weight is -31,000. 50,000, and the intrinsic viscosity is 0.78 -0.85 cubic centimeters per gram). According to the Food Safety Act, secondary recycled materials should not be used for food and pharmaceutical packaging. PET bottle preforms should be stored for more than 24 hours before use. Unused preforms after rewarming should be stored for more than 48 hours before they can be rewarmed. Preforms cannot be stored for more than six months.

Bottle quality semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

The quality of preforms largely depends on the quality of PET materials. Materials that are easy to BLOW and shape should be selected and the preform forming process should be formulated. Tests have shown that preforms made from PET materials of the same viscosity are easier to mold than other materials. While preforms of the same batch have different production dates, the molding process may also be significantly different. The quality of the preform determines the difficulty of the molding process. The requirements for preform are: purity, transparency, absence of impurities, absence of unnatural color, appropriate length of injection point and surrounding halo.

قالب بطری پت

2.2 Preform heating is done by a heating furnace. Its temperature can be adjusted manually or automatically. In the heater, the infrared light emitted by the infrared lamp tube heats the preform, and the fan at the bottom of the heater performs thermal cycling to even out the temperature. The preform rotates during forward movement so that the preform wall is heated evenly.

Semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

Following the latest market developments, we are actively engaged in providing excellent quality semi-automatic PET blowing machine used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The provided blow molding machine is manufactured using superior quality components and advanced technology by our skilled professionals. In addition, this semi-automatic or manual pet blow molding machine is tested on various quality parameters to ensure its quality.

دستگاه بطری زن نیمه اتومات

The products offered by us are used by many industries and are used due to their small size and compactness, low energy consumption, easy operation and optimal filtration facilities. Since our inception, we have been striving to meet the demands of our customers across the country and even neighboring countries and to provide products for complete satisfaction, we have continuously created new domains in the industry. Our technology in work and respect for customers has won the trust of customers and created a lifelong relationship.

Applications of semi-automatic PET bottle blow molding machine

The semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine is an ideal solution for the mass production of PET bottles for start-ups and small companies, capable of producing a wide range of high-quality PET bottles from 50 ml to 20 liters for many industries such as Mineral water, beverages, dairy and soft drinks. , buttermilk, detergents, vegetable oil, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care items to name just a few. The speed of 800 bottles per hour in 500 ml can be achieved, the standard device includes pre-heater and bottle blowing device, air compressor and air filters can be provided as options.

بادکن بطری PET پت

Features of the semi-automatic PET blow molding machine

Manual feeding of two preforms and transfer to infrared machine for heating.

Easy and safe operation

Less power consumption

The best product quality.

Using the best spare parts

Easy mold replacement

Programmable process control by PLC.

UPS Pack Up system (for ejector control)

This plastic bottle blowing machine does not need trained operators to produce PET bottles with consistent quality. The bottle making process starts with loading the preforms into the preheater. The preheater uses a variable speed path that moves the preforms through a heating tunnel. The heat tunnel has heating elements designed for continuous heating operation with minimal maintenance.

دستگاه بادکن بطری پت MEGA MG

Once the preforms have passed through the preheater, they are manually placed into the blow mold. The operator presses two mold closing buttons to close the mold, which is specially designed for safety operation. After the bottles are formed in the blowing cycle, they are removed and the cycle continues.

Buying a semi-automatic PET blow molding machine

Semi-automatic PET blow molding machines are very popular among small workshops due to their lower price. The semi-automatic PET blower has the ability to produce all kinds of PET bottles up to 20 liters.

Due to the widespread use of PET bottles in various packaging industries, PET machines have a good market all over the world.

Contact our experts to buy all kinds of fully automatic pet blow molding machine and semi-automatic or manual blow molding machine and get advice about buying the machine.

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