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Injection molding machine

Choosing the right plastic injection machine is the first step to start a plastic injection production line. Plastic injection or injection molding machines use the processing method to mass produce plastic parts with complex shapes. Plastic injection machines have various models, each of which has features and differences. The advantages of plastic injection or injection molding machines are fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, variety of colors, variety of shapes from simple to complex, the size of the production parts can be from large to small, and the size of the injection part is accurate, the product is easily It is replaceable and injection molding parts with complex shape can be molded.


دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک

Types of plastic injection molding machines:

In addition to the standard plastic injection machine, there are different types of plastic injection machines. Below are some of the most popular:

Electric plastic injection molding machine

The electric plastic injection machine reduces operating costs by reducing energy consumption and addresses some of the surrounding environmental concerns. Experience has shown that electric injection machines are quieter, faster and more accurate, however, electric plastic injection machines are more expensive.

Hydraulic plastic injection molding machine

Horizontal hydraulic plastic injection machines are the work force of many plastic-based industries. Plastic parts made on 60 to 4000 ton injection molding machines are used to make parts in consumer goods, electronics and telecommunications, food and beverage, medical, automotive, etc.

دستگاه تزریق


Rotary injection molding machine

The rotary injection machine rotates the mold first to the loading station, then to the molding station and finally to the unloading station. Rotary machines enable the formation of complex parts and maximize production.

Vertical injection molding machine

This method allows two lower mold halves to be used with one upper half. While one bottom half is molded with the top half, the other bottom is free to be loaded with inserts. When the press opens, the lower half that was just loaded inserts the shuttle with the upper half, while the lower half, which was just molding, the shuttle inserts to eject the part and reload.

Features of hydraulic injection molding machine

The hydraulic plastic injection machine uses hydraulic valves to control the flow direction or flow of high-pressure hydraulic oil pumped from the hydraulic pump to drive the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor to complete linear or rotary reciprocating motion.

The hydraulic plastic injection machine can use the accumulator to achieve high speed injection and can also achieve special injection molding such as micro foam. The maximum clamping force of the hydraulic plastic injection machine can reach 80,000 kN, which can process larger parts.

The hydraulic injection machine uses valves and oil motors to complete and control the movement of the injection. Various types of actuators are available, and the clamping mechanism can adopt various types of clamp forms, which can meet the processing needs of all kinds of plastic products.

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Fully electric injection molding machine

The all-electric injection molding machine uses an electric motor and a screw rod to perform its injection operation. The development of the actuator has been carried out by the R&D level of the servo motor actuator, so the actuator has fewer types. In order for the servo motor to produce more clamping force, it often uses a ratchet mechanism with a relatively small expansion force/large impact. The shape of the clamping mechanism of the servo motors is reflected in the clamping force. For example, the maximum clamping force with the specifications of the all-electric injection molding machine is 10,000 kN, which is more suitable for making small plastic products.

Advantages of all-electric injection molding machine

Stable injection

The all-electric plastic injection machine is less affected by external factors, its molding parameters are controlled by computer, and the injection performance is stable. While the dynamic technical parameters of the all-hydraulic plastic injection machine are subject to fluctuations due to changes in hydraulic oil temperature.

Energy saving and cost reduction

All movements of the electric plastic injection machine are controlled by its respective motor without the guidance of other control motors, and each driver is directly driven by electricity, the production efficiency and energy consumption are optimal, and the energy saving effect is significant. In addition, the all-electric injection molding machine does not need to use hydraulic oil, so there is no need to cool the oil, reducing the use of cooling water and reducing production costs.

ماشین تزریق پلاستیک

Efficient and optimal control

Using the servo motor of the electric plastic injection machine improves the responsiveness of the system, so its responsiveness is sensitive, the operation speed is fast, and the operation accuracy is high. Each part of the operation is controlled by an independent motor, so the injection machine can perform combined actions, and several processes can be carried out at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

High accuracy

With the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and high precision, the all-electric plastic injection machine is more suitable for processing high-value-added products such as electronic components, electrical appliances, high-cleanliness medical products, etc. Molding of small parts with high efficiency and precision is one of the distinctive features of the all-electric plastic injection machine.

Environmental optimization

The all-electric injection molding machine has little noise during operation and does not use lubrication in the operation of the machine, so there will be no mechanical oil leakage and other problems to keep the environment clean.

قیمت دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک


Advantages of hydraulic injection molding machine

The hydraulic injection machine has been developed for a longer time, the injection volume is much larger than the all-electric injection machine, and the process is stable. Also, after a long time of technology development, the price is not high. Ideal for the production of high volume parts, highly complex parts (automotive), high-tech parts with excellent surfaces, or thick-walled parts.

Very low initial cost

The price of the hydraulic plastic injection molding machine is low, and compared to that, the price of the all-electric plastic injection molding machine of the same model is about several times, so the return of the cost of the hydraulic injection molding machine is faster. In addition, hydraulic injection machines are quite popular and there are many products for sale on the market second-hand.

Low maintenance cost

Hydraulic parts have high wear resistance, the cost of their spare parts is low, and they have easier access, as a result, the maintenance costs of these types of devices are reduced. Their maintenance is relatively simple and can be maintained by many service personnel, while the maintenance of all-electric injection molding machines usually requires the help of manufacturers or suppliers and is more expensive.

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Applications of injection molding machine:


Imagine plastic parts that are lightweight, durable, and don’t corrode, come in many sizes and colors, and are designed for precise and easy assembly. The plastic Lego pieces we are all familiar with are made from harder plastic granules that are heated to liquefy and then injected into metal molds where the plastic is cooled and formed into ribbed blocks. Or it becomes another form. But what is important is that each brick and component is accurately molded so that they all fit together. This is a precision product that is available in different colors, shapes and sizes.

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Equipment designed for the agricultural market is turning to plastic as a low-cost alternative to the metal components commonly used throughout the industry. Plastics are more resistant to impact and moisture and are able to withstand very high or low temperatures. UV additives also help protect plastic parts from harsh weather conditions or exposure to corrosive substances.

Household appliances:

Bottle caps, containers, components and beverage containers are just a few of the common items that can be custom made with a plastic injection molding machine.

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Automotive machinery and components

Bumpers, dashboards, radio controls, cup holders and many other elements in cars and domestic and foreign vehicles are made by injection molding process.

Pharmaceutical and health industry

In the healthcare field, there are thousands of products that are made with the plastic injection process. The healthcare industry relies heavily on multi-use plastic products that can be produced in bulk, as many of these products are single-use, single-use items to maintain sterility or prevent the spread of germs or disease. From plastic syringes to tools used in medical procedures, injection molding is an industry that helps medical professionals do their jobs.

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The purchase price of the plastic injection molding machine

Injection molding is a very common manufacturing method used to produce everyday household items. These programs cover commercial, industrial and consumer products alike. Injection molding is used to produce intricately detailed designs to simpler shapes in any size range from small to large objects.

This method has produced solid parts such as electronic enclosures, bottle caps, containers, computers, television parts, outdoor furniture, agricultural products, toys, machinery components, and more.

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