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plastic material Autoloader

Autoloader is the simplest version of the resin transfer system, but it is not an integral part of a central transfer system. Self-contained vacuum autoloaders are used to transfer raw materials, regrinds, and granules from a single source (typically a granulator) to a single destination (typically a mixer, hopper dryer, or machine tank). A pickup lance is inserted into the material source chamber and a flexible hose connects it to the loader.

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How does the autoloader or automatic plastic material remover work?

An automatic plastic material lifter is just like a regular hopper, except that it can load material from storage bags around the machine. It does this by using a vacuum at the top of the funnel.

The vacuum is created by a fan connected to an electric motor. As the fan spins, it expels air from the sealed funnel chamber, causing a significant pressure drop. The lower pressure wants to equalize with the surrounding air. This happens with air from the hose attached to the raw materials in the storage bags. The air inside the pipe quickly raises the pressure inside the pipe and tries to equalize the pressure. The air carries the plastic granule with it and fills the funnel.

Different automatic loading autoloaders are activated differently, most are activated when the weight in the hopper falls below a certain level, causing the electric fan to turn on. Some hoppers can be programmed to charge the hopper periodically by manually entering the required weight and time interval between hoppers. Other more advanced suction systems are synchronized with plastic injection machines and calculate hopper fill rates by analyzing injection molding and cycle time.

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The best test is to set up your hopper to load multiple steps each time the plastic is placed in the hopper. This method is more efficient, as you get ingredients every few minutes. This method helps to reduce the maintenance of the fan, because it does not turn off every 30 seconds. It is also more efficient in terms of electricity consumption.

Autoloader or plastic material feeder for all types of granules can be installed directly on material hoppers. The maximum capacity is 40 to 125 kg per hour (depending on the material). Complete with hopper lid, dust filter, solenoid valve, material hose, level sensor and suction probe.

With the automatic hopper autoloader for masterbatch and regrind material, the hopper is automatically filled.

The ME automatic filling system takes the material from the bag, drum or container into the hopper of the dosing system. The chamber hopper lid has a simple and easy dust filter to keep dust particles in the hopper. The ME hopper loader is controlled by the electronics of the dosing unit.

The plastic material lifter or autoloader for granules uses a three-stage vacuum generator driven by compressed air to create a vacuum that brings the material into the chamber. When the chamber is filled with material, the cone opens and the material is discharged into the hopper.

The system is equipped with a filter to ensure that the smallest particles (over 5 microns) remain in the system and are not released into the atmosphere. This makes this autoloader the most practical and user-friendly system for powders and granules.

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Advantages of autoloader or plastic material

Compact size

competitive price

No moving parts

Resistant vacuum autoloader

Good filtering

Hopper loader, plastic injection machine and inflatable plastic

Vacuum hopper hopper loaders are a split transfer system with a main vacuum unit and a hopper receiver. This machine is mainly used with plastic injection machines, pneumatic plastic machines or other similar machines to automatically transfer new and recycled plastic materials. This series has various models for material transfer.

After proper setup, hopper autoloaders can operate automatically and independently without frequent adjustments.

موادکش پلاستیک

Buying all kinds of plastic material autoloaders

Pars Machinery Company is a provider of all kinds of industrial auxiliary equipment in the field of plastic injection machines and inflatable plastics.

You can contact our experts through communication channels to buy all types of single-phase and three-phase tank autoloaders and plastic injection machines in different powers and capacities.

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