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Parison control

Parison control means dynamic control of parison thickness to obtain a uniform thickness of the product wall in the plastic air extrusion machine. Parison control helps to maintain the required thickness axially and radially on the product made by air injection and extrusion molding machine.

پاریزون کنترل

Why is parison control necessary?

When the parison comes out of the die head of the blow molding machine, it will be in a molten state. Due to its weight, the parison is stretched and as a result the upper part is thinner than the lower part. This factor causes variable thickness in the manufactured product. Also, the complex geometries of the product to be molded make the change of parison thickness more uniform to obtain the wall thickness of the product.

Advantages of Parison Control

Uniform wall thickness and thus improved quality due to lower thermal stresses during processing.

Balanced distribution of thickness and thus the possibility of weight reduction.

Reduction of high and low product waste and thus more production.

Reduced cooling time due to uniform thickness and thus more production.

کنترل ضخامت

Parison control system components

This system consists of the following components:

1. Parison hydraulic cylinder 2. Oil tank 3. Precision filter 4. Pressure accumulator (does not necessarily depend on the product type) 5. Parison controller 6. Hydraulic cylinder control valve 7. Engine hydraulics.

MOOG Parison Control

MOOG is one of the brands of Parison control system. Main parts 1. Parison control system 2. Hydraulic cylinder control valve.

Because of its high reputation and high market share, MOOG has been adopted by the industry as the generic name for the Parison control system. In the hydraulic generation, MOOG has almost monopolized the parison control system market. However, in servo motor production, MOOG did not rank as highly as it did and shared a smaller market share for its typical performance.

Features of Parison Control

High resolution analog functions allow precise control and positioning

The modular design with a capacity of up to 2000 I/O means that the controllers can be optimally configured to suit applications of all sizes.

The real-time Linux-based operating system combines true multitasking with fast response time and also makes it easy to add PC-like features.

A standard development environment with debugging, simulation, parameterization, and tracing capabilities makes programming and testing fast and simple.

دای هد یا کلگی

Buy Parison Control

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