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Multi-layer 4-liter blow molding machine

The technology of the 5L Multi-Layer Blow Molding Machine offers a process in which two or more polymers are extruded and joined simultaneously in a co-extrusion die head to form parisons with multiple layers. Running two or three extruders in a co-extrusion die head produces a single extruded parison, multiple layers of a combination of materials with different physical properties, coefficients of friction, and properties. In this article, we will discuss the 5-liter multi-layer blow molding machine with dissimilar and similar polymers.

ماشین پلاستیک بادی 4 لیتری چند لایه

Simultaneous extrusion of dissimilar polymers:

The multilayer coextrusion blow molding machine presents challenges, especially in creating uniform wall thicknesses. Differences in viscosity, melt temperature, and speed of dissimilar polymers may cause problems including delamination.

Dissimilar polymers have different chemistries with low levels of interlayer adhesion and are subject to wave instabilities at the interlayer interface. When polymers with low surface energy are used in multilayer structures, this composition is mixed. As a result of chemical incompatibility, these different grades of polymers do not form strong bonds with each other during coextrusion and, therefore, parisons composed of layers of dissimilar materials are subject to delamination.

5-liter multi-layer blow molding machine and co-extrusion polymer selection

For example, multilayer tubing suitable for percutaneous transluminal catheters used to deliver an angioplasty balloon in an artery may require a lubricating polymer on the inner layer, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), to facilitate catheter advancement. be On the guidewire, the adhesive middle layer can be made of a modified low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and the outer side may be a soft “bondable” layer such as polyether block amide (PEBA) for bonding polyamide (PA12) or Polyester (PET) cannot be connected.

تولید بطری پلاستیکی چند لایه

From an extrusion point of view, viscosity is the most important flow characteristic in choosing a multilayer polymer. Typically, the inner layer has the highest viscosity and the outer layer has the lowest viscosity because the lower viscosity melt can enclose the higher viscosity melt as it flows through the die head and channels.

Polymers with compatible glass transition temperature (Tg) and melting temperature (Tm) should also be selected for uniform layer distribution.

multi-layer blow molding machine die-head

The mold head used for this multi-layer blow molding machine is commonly known as ABC design because the inner layer (A), middle layer (B) and outer layer (C) are made of different polymers. The mold flow channels (deflectors) are designed based on the rheology of the polymer layers and analyzed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flow analysis software to ensure a uniform flow rate of each polymer melt stream at the mold exit. When a higher velocity polymer layer merges with a lower velocity layer, the high velocity layer decelerates and creates wave-like flow instabilities at the interface. interlayer by controlling the temperature of the melt of each extrudate and thus the speed ratios of each melt flow optimized.

Application of multi-layer 5-liter blow molding machine

The multi-layer 5-liter blow molding machine is a two-station blow molding machine for a maximum of 4 to 5 liters, which is especially suitable for half-liter to 4-liter plastic bottles, jerry cans, gallons of motor oil and antifreeze, yogurt pots, etc. is used. It is used with one head for 2~5L bottles, two heads for 1~2L bottles, three heads for 500ml~1L bottles, four heads for 0~500ml small products. This blow molding machine is popular because of its high quality and reasonable price, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

تولید گالن 4 لیتری

Features and benefits of multi-layer 5 liter blow molding machine

Special structure design and proper frame construction to ensure running stability.
Good material runner and die head design and precise turning process for process accuracy
According to your specified request, our machine can be ordered with 2~4 layers co-extrusion and line of sight
Color touch screen, console box, collective shelves, waste channel and safety protection.
The whole machine control system works well, online shut-off, angle adjustable blowing unit, rotary cutting of product opening, iml in-mold labeling, weight test and leak test, product transfer and packaging.

Consumable raw materials for multi-layer 5-liter blow molding machine


دستگاه پلاستک بادی 4 لیتری

Specifications of multi-layer 4-liter blow molding machine

Different spirals and mold mandrels, channels are designed based on the characteristics of different plastics.

Ease of recoloring, cleaning, disassembly and cleaning. The parison wall thickness control section is very uniform.

Proportional valve control oil flow and pressure, directional valve control flow path, deceleration valve brakes, achieve accurate and fast operation.

The mold is with a latch mechanism, the mold is carried by a high-precision linear guide, each part of the mold has the same clamping force.

The extruder platform can be lifted, it is easy to adjust the parison length

It can blow vertically and even from a certain angle

Design based on CE safety standard, related to user safety.

The inverter is from the best brands, adjust the spiral speed and save energy.

Automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm function

Equipped with high temperature alarm function.

دستگاه تولید گالن پلاستیکی

The price and purchase of a 5-liter blow molding machine

Considering the variety of blow molding machine, the prices of these machines are very different.

blow molding machine can be classified according to the volume and size of the products they can produce, as well as the ability to produce multi-layer products.

blow molding machine can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $450,000. As the price increases, the production capacity improves as well as other features, which can reduce labor costs and increase profits.

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