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Injection blow molding bottle production machine

Injection blow molding machine injects polymer materials into the mold with high pressure and then shapes it with air pressure. In this process, according to the designed mold, various plastic products are produced, including types of plastic bottles. Injection blow molding is the most common type of molding for pharmaceutical bottles.

دستگاه تولید بطری بادی تزریقی

The mold of the injection blow molding machine

Cavity is called the same hole in the mold.

injection blow molding machine molds are divided into two categories.

1- One-layer format

2- Multi-layer format

When the number of molds is 3, it means that with one injection, 3 products will be obtained with that mold.

injection blow molding machine

Small, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition to excellent versatility and reliability, this injection blow molding machines is the first and only 1-stage all-electric injection blow molding machines in the world. With its clean and unique performance, it is ideal for molding pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food containers. In addition, it has very low electricity consumption, which reduces production costs and helps to preserve the environment.

This injection blow molding machines consumes 60% less electricity compared to the nearest equivalent injection blow molding machines. The use of electric servo motors is very efficient for the main displacements, while hydraulic systems are less efficient due to pumping and friction losses. They lose browsing.

دستگاه تزریقی بادی تولید قوطی پلاستیکی

Features of injection blow molding machines

Low noise and low vibration

The all-electric injection blow molding machines produces very little noise and vibration.

Efficiency with minimal environmental pollution

There is no risk of oil leakage

Suitable for producing containers of medicines, cosmetics, health products, food, etc. in a clean room or semi-clean room.

Reducing the consumption of cooling water

This injection blow molding machines, without a hydraulic oil heat exchanger, uses 89% of the nearest hydraulic machine equivalent to less coolant.

Stable molding

Molding is done without fluctuating hydraulic oil temperature

Very accurate and stable, which leads to less defects than usual in the manufactured products.

تولید بطری و قوطی پلاستیکی

injection blow molding machine for the production of pharmaceutical and medical bottles

1- Using a moving piston pump can save 20% of energy.

2- Using three jacks to lock by opening the valve can increase the capacity and reduce the cycle time.

3- The use of vertical movement and horizontal bar creates enough space for circulation and makes the installation of the mold simple and convenient.


Injection molding machine for the production of various types of medicine cans

Purchase of injection blow molding machines of Pars Company in different dimensions and models to produce all kinds of small bottles, laboratory containers, cosmetic containers in different dimensions and sizes, this series of injection blow molding machines is fully automatic and requires It does not have a cutter and thrower.

The steps of bottle production by injection molding machine

first stage

The raw material is injected into preform cavities by the injection unit.

second stage

With a 120-degree rotation, the triangle moves the parisons to this stage, i.e. blowing. Here, parisons are being blown to form a dish.

third stage

The triangle rotates again and transfers the shaped bottle to this stage and separates it. Bottles are separated by stripper and ejector to complete one cycle

انواع محصولات تزریقی بادی

Features and facilities of injection injection blow molding machines

One-step molding keeps the final bottle shape cleaner. Suitable for cosmetics, pharmacy and…

Energy saving system saves 50% to 70% electricity.

Automatic production without the need for flash and cutting.

Production of waste-free products.

Stable performance and low noise.

The aluminum frame makes monitoring and maintenance easier and has a more modern look.

The touch screen with graphical interface makes it easy for the user to work.

Can be programmed in 6 steps and 10 steps for each injection and plasticization automatically

The actual values of time, speed and pressure of injection and plasticization can be monitored and controlled by the terminal.

Automatic failure detection and abnormal message display on the touch screen.

Injection mold, blow mold, injection and plastic can be controlled separately, so shorter cycle time with faster processing is possible.

بطری پلی اتیلن

Purchase of injection blow molding machines for bottle production

Now that your technical and operational requirements have been determined, just contact our sales department to suggest the most suitable plastic injection machine. Please contact us for advice.

Pars Machinery Company provides injection blow molding machines services and sets up injection production line in the field of buying and selling all kinds of injection blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines and plastic injection machines in different dimensions and sizes with reasonable prices and up-to-date technology.

The price of injection blow molding machines

To know the price of injection blow molding machines, the price of 20 blow molding machine, the price of fully automatic injection blow molding machines, contact us.

Buying an injection molding machine that fits your needs and product production is the first and most important step in setting up an injection molding production line.

محصولات تزریقی بادی

Considering the relatively high initial investment cost for the purchase of injection blow molding machines and other industrial peripheral equipment, gathering sufficient information and taking advantage of the guidance of consultants and experts in this field is the most important step in the construction of a workshop and factory for the production of plastic products. be

Advice and guidance for buying an injection blow molding machines

Our expert experts at pars Company, with the support of decades of experience in the field of extrusion and plastic machines, are ready to provide technical advice on the selection and purchase of injection blow molding machines

Pars Company is the first and best manufacturer and importer of injection blow molding machines from 5 ml to 200 ml in the country.

Also, in the field of making extrusion machines, Pars Company offers 1-liter, 4-liter, 10-liter, 20-liter blow molding plastic , 200-liter and higher barrel production machines to its customers, who are generally large industrial units.

If you need to get technical and specialized advice, as well as to order the purchase of all kinds of blow molding plastic , injection blow molding machines and injection molding, contact our experts through our contact page.

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