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IML extrusion blow molding machine

International leading technology in the manufacture of IML blow molding machine, fully automatic 30 liter IML blow molding machine for producing all kinds of chemical and petrochemical gallons, food and dairy industry tanks and other industrial applications.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 30 لیتری IML

The ability to produce multi-layer products

virgin material outer layer – recycled material middle layer – inner layer virgin material

How the 30 liter IML blow molding machine works

IML blow molding machine, polymer materials are melted and then come down in the form of a parison (hollow tube). The technology used in this process is such that when the parisons are lowered, due to the air passing through them, they take on a cylindrical shape. Now, for the purpose of molding, two mold plates are closed on cylindrical parisons. At this time, after closing the mold plates on the parisons, it is blown into the mold in order to shape them. Finally, the obtained product is cooled by the built-in peripheral equipment.

In the next step, the mold is opened and the product is pushed out of the mold along with waste and waste. At the end, the additions (wastes) are removed from the product and the final product is delivered.

Products such as plastic balls, yogurt containers, bottles, etc. are produced using this mechanism.

One of the characteristics of the products produced in this method is the line around it. The reason for that is the place where the jaws of the machine mold are closed and where waste is separated.

The cost-effectiveness of the mold price in Bloom Molding extrusion is one of the advantages of these devices.

گالن و بشکه 30 لیتری

Standard specification of 30 liter IML blow molding machine

Automatic lubrication

Water-cooled modular bluepin

hot cutter

Quick format change

Adjustable die head

Linear converter

FRL (Filter Regulator Lubricant) for pneumatics

Proportional hydraulic system for better control

Rotating and adjustable extrusion platform

Three layers of 20 liters, 25 liters, 30 liters

Ability to label in IML format

Innovative mold design, advanced electromagnetic induction heating system, safe and reliable, accurate heating time and temperature control, can reduce energy consumption by 30%-50%.

دستگاه تولید گالن 30 لیتری

Die-head technology with the ability to produce multi-layer gallons

Use the new integrated multi-layer mold design, from one layer to six layers, to ensure a more uniform and stable wall thickness. The efficiency of the IML blow molding machine has increased 5 times compared to the traditional  BLOW MOLDING machine and the amount of recycled materials has improved 4 times.

Induction heaters

Induction heaters for die head and extruder can save 40-50% energy.

Servo motor

Servo motor for clamp clamping system which can save 40% energy.

Remote control

It is easier to check machine working condition, cycle time, output, machine maintenance reminder. The actual monitoring of the supplier to check the device defects and fix the device problems is done more easily.

MOOG Parison Control is also optional based on different needs and can be used for the device.

دستگاه تولید بشکه 30 و 60 لیتری

Clamping system of 30 liter IML blow molding machine

Highly developed and advanced clamping system

This series of IML blow molding machine uses a direct clamping system that transmits forces directly to the middle of both plates. And it uses high-precision linear guides to provide precise screen movements.


Features and facilities of the 30 liter IML blow molding machine

Non-pollution, high speed, stability, energy saving and the exact position of the carriage movement are the main features of this IML blow molding machine
Servo motor control system is adopted for quick response and strong clamping force. Therefore, the contamination-free production environment largely meets the requirements of clean packaging.
High speed and stable production
The newly designed internal structure of the die head ensures that the molten plastic flows down straight and without deviation.
The weight error can be controlled up to 0.1g.
The rate of poor quality products can be effectively reduced because it is simple and easy to learn about the setup and operation of this IML blow molding machine
Automatic labeling and tagging in the IML format

لیبل گذاری اتومات ای ام ال IML

Price and purchase of IML 30 liter IML blow molding machine

This IML blow molding machine can be used to produce different gallons and containers for the food, dairy, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Due to the fact that this IML blow molding machine has the ability to produce multi-layered and high quality products, the lifespan of the products made by these IML blow molding machine is very high.

Pars Machinery, the leader in manufacturing all kinds of advanced plastic and  injection machines, contact us for advice and to buy a 30 liter IML blow molding machine.

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