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Bottle cap injection machine

All kinds of bottle cap injection machines can be produced with this plastic injection machine. Thermosetting materials such as PF/UP are used to produce bottle caps. An injection molding machine for producing bottle caps can be set up anywhere because there is a good demand for bottle caps. In addition to all kinds of plastic injection machines, Pars Machinery Company also offers other pneumatic and pneumatic injection machines for the production of all kinds of plastic products.

دستگاه تزریق درب بطری

Bottle cap injection machine market potential

Plastic bottle caps are widely used for bottles used in the packaging of cosmetics, medicines, chemicals,

It has adhesives, drinks, etc. These doors can withstand corrosive chemicals and can be produced in different colors.

Colors are added at low cost depending on the demand for packaging products in attractive plastic containers to attract more customers. Therefore, colored bottle caps will be in increasing demand.

Production process with bottle cap injection machine

Thermosetting materials such as PF/UP are placed in preheated mold cavities and pressed between two press plates. The molding process uses hydraulic pressure. The combined effect of heat and pressure creates transverse joints in the material, which fills the mold cavity and hardens. After a certain period of time, the mold is opened and the molds are separated.

تولید درب بطری پلاستیکی

How are plastic bottle caps made?

Every day, around the world, millions of bottle caps are produced. But not all bottle caps are created equal.

Some are for medicine bottles, containing specialized but often dangerous medicines. Others are used as caps for makeup removers or water bottles. Next, we will explain how to produce plastic bottle caps.

Bottle cap production using bottle cap injection machine

Injection molding using a plastic injection machine is the way we produce most of our bottle caps. Plastic products with a shot weight of up to about 350 grams can be created using this process.

Injection molding can be done with most recyclable thermoplastic materials, and recycled materials can also be used.

How are plastic bottle caps molded?

This process involves injecting molten plastic at a high temperature into a mold under pressure. The die itself is usually made of high-strength tool steel and can be used hundreds of thousands of times. The plastic then cools, solidifies, and is finally removed from the mold to form the plastic bottle cap.

قالب تزریق درب بطری

Injection molding is very cost-effective for large-scale production. This is because it offers high repeatability. This means that there will be no variation in the dimensions, shape or coating of the plastic cap between individual caps.

It is common to use an injection molding machine to produce bottle caps, as high detail is required to achieve the required precision in the internal screw thread.

Engraved plastic bottle caps

The mold of the plastic injection machine can support high levels of detail, and it is easy to engrave company logos or brands on the lid.

Engraving on plastic bottle caps is the best way to attract customers’ attention. Even if they ignore the label, they can’t ignore the cap because they have to open the bottle. Additionally, labels may wear off over time, but embossing does not.

Compression molding is a traditional technique that involves taking a rubber compound and making a preform that is the same shape as the final product, but larger than the final shape. Then a combination of heat and pressure is used to mold the thermosetting rubber or plastic resin into the desired shape.

Compression device for the production of rotary bottle caps

The plastic or resin material is shaped using a heated mold tool, and the press clamp pressure is used to force the material flow into the tool. The thermoset characteristic of the material is stimulated by this process and a permanent chemical change, called vulcanization for plastic, occurs and fixes the shape of the product.

When this vulcanization process is complete, the mold is opened and the part is removed and allowed to cool, retaining the shape of the mold that produced it. It is important to note that the part tends to shrink to its final size as it cools. When the press is opened, the tool can be split and the part removed from the mold.

دستگاه تزریق درب بطری چرخشی

Here are some pros and cons of compression molding as a process to help you decide if it’s right for you and your product.

Advantages of rotary bottle cap production machine

A less expensive tool

Given that the process does not involve an injection or transfer cycle, tooling requires less infrastructure than tools designed for other molding methods. Nothing else is required in the way of production, except for the special characteristics of the cavity itself that produces the molded parts, which must clearly reproduce the required details of the product. Tooling can be made from lower-cost aluminum or steel grades, which can keep costs down, although any tooling must be able to withstand significant forming pressures.

No sprues or runners

This form of molding does not use sprues or runners, which are tool features that material must pass through in other manufacturing methods before entering the mold cavity. These can add extra material and therefore cost, and can also reduce the trimming needs of a part.

Bottle cap injection machine suitable for production with different sizes

This form of molding is more suitable for producing large parts that require a significant amount of material to make. Since the material is loaded directly into the mold cavity, there is no limit to the weight of the part that can be made, except for the size of the press and the tonnage required, whereas injection molding presses are limited in the weight of the part they can produce. are.

درب بطری پلاستیکی

Buying all kinds of bottle cap injection machines

Using plastic injection machines and rotary compression machines to produce plastic doors is one of the most common production methods.

Knowledge and technical experience in the field of specialized machines are necessary for choosing the right and buying the right device. The technical experts of Pars Machinery Company are ready to provide solutions and technical advice to provide the best and most suitable machines for your industrial activity.

Contact us for advice on buying all kinds of plastic injection machines and other industrial machines.

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