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Auxiliary equipment of injection molding and blow molding machines

Plastic injection and blow molding machines need some practical accessories for better performance and higher efficiency. In the following, we will examine some of the most important auxiliary equipment of the injection and plastic injection machine.

In addition to providing all kinds of plastic injection andblow molding machines, Pars Machinery Company also provides all kinds of accessories and parts for these machines from the best and most reliable brands available.

تجهیزات جانبی دستگاه تزریق و پلاستیک بادی


Leak tester or leakage test

Empty plastic containers are produced in high volume to match the demands. It is inevitable that some containers will have defects that cause leakage after the bottles are filled and shipped. Leak tester equipment tests plastic bottles as they move through the production line and automatically rejects those that are defective.

By performing leak testing of empty containers – you can identify problems before bottles reach the production line and minimize bottle quality issues.

Leak detection systems include pressure analysis and vacuum testing equipment used to find leaks and other defects in plastic bottles and containers. Several industries, from food and beverage to automotive, use leak testing equipment to identify defects and ensure product integrity.

دستگاه لیک تستر نشت یاب بطری پلاستیک بادی

Leak tester or bottle leak detector for PET bottles and other items

PET is used to produce plastic bottles for food and beverages, personal care products, and household products. Companies prefer this material because it is strong and lightweight, does not react with food or drink, and is recyclable. PET bottles and other containers, while durable, can have manufacturing defects that lead to leakage or product contamination after the bottles are filled.

Bottle leak tester equipment provides a solution by quickly and effectively testing bottles for leaks and removing defective bottles from the production line. Leak detection systems can inspect up to several thousand bottles per hour, from small vials to multi-gallon containers.


Due to the increasing speed in today’s market, the need for suitable machines to increase the production efficiency is very high.

We are offering a wide range of bottle opener and bottle opener trimmers according to market needs.

The trimmer is a high-speed machine that separates waste from bottle mouths and containers

Bottles or cans are entered into the machine by a conveyor belt, and then the additional price of the opening is automatically separated from the final product by blades.

Rotary trimmers or rotary trimmers can trim openings up to 80mm in diameter, depending on design and material distribution.

Although this machine is only suitable for round heads, the bottle body can be oval, square, etc.

تریمر گردبر و پرت کن

Advantages of a trimmer

Cuts bottles in line and upright

Excellent cutting, through cutter adjustment

Automatic removal of waste

High speed unit, up to 3000 bottles per hour, depending on bottle geometry

proportional valve mixer

proportional Velve  mixer the new materials with the grinding materials in the right proportion and then sends them to the injection or air molding machine to achieve the effect of mixing and proportional loading.

The proportional valve is installed directly on the conveyors or on the material transfer line. In addition, it can be used for all types of autoloaders.

proportional valve for mixing virgin raw materials and re-grinding in the desired ratio without the need to manually collect and mix both materials.

پروپرشنال ولو میکسر

Features of proportional valve mixer

Easy installation and operation

The unique design of the valve body makes the material transfer smoother.

The operation of the solenoid valve is so stable that the air cylinder operates precisely to ensure the proper mixing of new and regrind materials.

Equipped with 1 to 4 levels of function selection, it makes the ingredients mix evenly.

masterbatch doser

Dosing masterbatch are designed for automatic mixing of volumetric dosages of 1 new material and 1-4 types of masterbatch/additives for injection, extrusion and air molding machines. These auxiliary equipments of injection molding machine and blow molding machine are widely used in bottle/jerry can production, pipe extrusion, toy production, etc.

دوزر مخلوط کن مستربچ گرانول

Dosing masterbatch features

Combine automatically at the same time to save man-hours and storage space.

Ensuring more consistent and accurate mixing and rapid material changeover.

Using a servo motor to control the rpm speed, accurate dose combination and maximum dose.

Main hopper equipped with low material warning for more convenient operation.

The easy-to-use PLC touch screen controller can also store up to 20 data sets.

Ensuring color stability and masterbatch dose adjustment

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