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60 – 220 liter blow moulding machines

The 60 to 220 liter blow moulding machine can be used to produce all kinds of gallons, barrels, chemical drums in different sizes from 1-6 layers.

ماشین پلاستیک بادی ۶۰ تا ۲۲۰ لیتری

blow molding by fully automatic blow moulding machine is the simplest type of blow molding. A hot tube of plastic material, called a parison, hangs from an extruder and is placed in a water-cooled die. After the molds are closed, air is injected through the top or neck of the container. Just like someone blowing up a balloon. When the hot plastic material is blown and touches the walls of the mold, the material “cools” and the final product retains its shape. For bottles and colored products, the colors are often fed into the extruder at a controlled rate. and mixed with resin while melting.

Pars Company is a manufacturer and importer of all kinds of blow moulding machine and injection molding machines in different sizes and volumes.

Next, we will review together the specifications and features of 60 to 220 liter blow moulding machine

Technical specifications of the 60 to 220 liter blow moulding machine

blow moulding machine can use 60-liter, 120-liter, and 220-liter blowing molds.

Usable for production: gallon and 60 liter barrel, 120 liter barrel, 200 and 220 liter drums.

دای هد ماشین پلاستیک بادی

International leading technology in making blow moulding machine

Innovative mold design, advanced electromagnetic induction heating system, safe and reliable, heating time and precise temperature control, can reduce energy saving by 30%-50%.

Die-head technology with the ability to produce multi-layer tanks

Use the new integrated multi-layer mold design, from one layer to six layers, to ensure a more uniform and stable wall thickness. The efficiency of the blow moulding machine has increased 5 times compared to the traditional blow moulding machine and the amount of recycled materials has improved 4 times.

accumulator die head

Muller extrusion die heads for extrusion blow molding meet the highest requirements for accuracy, availability, performance and ease of use, ensuring safe and cost-effective production.

Our range of available extrusion heads is very wide. We welcome guidance and advice on various extrusion heads.

Müller Accumulator Heads enable discontinuous production process when producing large or bulky parts, using plastic materials with low viscosity or producing pneumatic parts with color gradient.

دستگاه تولید بشکه 200 لیتری

The latest technology in the 60 to 220 liter blow moulding machine

Foam layer

Foam layer as a new innovation that can increase the thickness of the wall.

Induction heaters

Induction heaters for die head and extruder can save 40-50% energy.

Servo motor

Servo motor for clamp clamping system which can save 40% energy.

Remote control

It is easier to check machine working condition, cycle time, output, machine maintenance reminder. The actual monitoring of the supplier to check the device defects and fix the device problems is done more easily.

60 to 220 liter blow moulding machine features

HMI touch screen, with PLC system (Siemens/B&R control) for easy maintenance.

Blower unit/die head movement for easy mold change as needed.

Built with safety devices to provide maximum protection for the machine operator.

Extrusion screw with high plasticizing capacity is designed to use different raw materials.

The auger and the plasticizing tank are carefully made of special nitrogen machined steel.

Water cooling technology controls the temperature of the feed point.

Chiller hydraulic circulation to control blue pin temperature

If you need both functions in one machine, purchase the machine for PVC application and order additional parts (screw and die head) to convert to PE application.

دای هد 20 لیتری

Advantages of 60 to 220 liter blow moulding machine

Clamp size/quantity to suit all needs

Easily configured for single and multi-layer plastic products

single parison

Efficient electric drive(s) in the extrusion system

Ease of operator access

Automatic removal and additions and discarding of pieces

The ability to automatically label the product and view the tape in the form

Lowest investment cost for high speed production

Excellent product resistance and quality

دستگاه تست نشتی بشکه

Buy blow moulding machine 60 to 220 liters

These blow moulding machine are among the most advanced blow moulding machine in the world, so in terms of price, they are much more expensive and complicated than other blow moulding machine

The production of large multi-layer barrels and tanks for storing chemicals and other materials with the best quality is one of the distinctive features of this machine.

At Pars Machinery Company, we provide the most up-to-date and advanced machines in the field of blow moulding machine for the industry’s activists.

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