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20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

Pars 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine suitable for producing all kinds of polyethylene and PP polypropylene gallons and tanks with the best quality. 20 liter fully automatic servo extrusion blow molding machine with the best facilities and many practical features for various packaging industries.

دستگاه تزریق پلاستیک بادی 20 لیتری



History of extrusion blow molding

extrusion blow molding  is the process of blowing air into the machine to change the shape of the plastic. Often, blow molding is combined with the use of molds to create complex shapes that are made with thin, hollow plastic parts. Plastic blow molding did not exist until the late 1930s, when two inventors realized the potential of blow molding in the plastics world.

In 1938, two inventors, Enoch Ferengen and William Kopitke, devised a way to apply the principles of glassblowing to the plastics industry. They built the first plastic blow molding machine and sold it to the Imperial Company of Hartford. During the 1940s, plastic blow molding was still a new art and not many companies were using these machines because plastic was a new material at the time.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that plastic blow molding really took off. The invention of the plastic beverage container was one of the first products that fully utilized the potential of the extrusion blow molding machine. Once the process was discovered, blow molding manufacturers appeared all over the United States and the world. Blown plastic was used to quickly form bottles used for soft drink packaging, including small bottles and larger 2 and 3 liter bottles. In fact, the production of plastic soft drink bottles by injection molding manufacturers was so successful that the production of plastic soft drink bottles went from zero to more than 10 billion in just 20 years.

Today, the extrusion blow molding machine is used for various plastic products, including soft drink bottles, dairy containers, shampoo bottles, hoses, industrial drums, jars and many other plastic objects and containers. Using an extrusion blow molding machine has not only reduced the production time of many plastic products, but also reduced plastic waste due to the small amount of plastic waste generated in the molding process.

دستگاه تولید گالن 20 لیتری

20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

With the new 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine series, we now offer a modern and highly flexible production solution for high quality products from a single source with the full potential of our control and service system.

In a rapidly changing world where market conditions are constantly changing, customer needs change, new technology solutions emerge on a shorter-than-ever basis, and with it, new possibilities for There are improvements to cars. Our customers’ needs are becoming more diverse and our extrusion blow molding machine need to be even more versatile.

Features of 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

With our new standard platform solution, you now have many options to choose from. You decide that the 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

Available as a hydraulic, fully electric or hybrid version. It is a platform with optimized modules designed to match each other.

Sustainability is one of the most important drivers in our industry. We are trying to save money by reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials. We continue to focus on the highest product quality and production performance.

دستگاه پلاستیک بادی 20 لیتری


Fast color change

The fastest color change time increases production efficiency and environmental protection International extrusion experts have worked for decades on increasing production efficiency by reducing the relatively long time of color or material change in the extrusion heads of extrusion blow molding machine

Faster changeovers not only increase your production efficiency by maximizing production time, but also reduce your operating costs. In addition, there are significant resource savings as material and energy consumption is reduced while saving time.

reduction in costs
Lower operating costs
Higher productivity
More efficient production thanks to shorter changeover times
Saving time
Up to 75% faster color change for single layer applications with uncoated heads
More sustainable production
Saving resources up to 75%

تولید مخزن پلاستیکی

Depending on the diameter of the parison, color change with RapidXchange technology can be achieved in just 10 minutes.

The information listed below refers to the color change of a single layer bottle.

Mold size 60 mm

Material consumption = 15 kg per mold

100% color change after approximately 20 minutes

The size of the template is 35 mm

Material consumption = 6 kg per mold

100% color change after approximately 10 minutes


ماشین تزریق بادی 10 لیتری

In traditional melt dispensing systems, paint and material residues accumulate in areas where the flow rate is too low to be removed quickly and efficiently. This is often referred to as the critical 2% that makes a long-term difference.

The RapidXchange technology developed by significantly improves the properties of the flow channels to the extent that the last 2% of sediments are removed from the system in a short time.

Changing the mold of the 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

Changing the product format is often associated with lost production time and risks. Pars extrusion blow molding machine are designed to reduce such times. The innovative quick mold change system allows mold changes in 15 minutes or less. In this system, every movement is analyzed by our engineers so that the handling is not only fast, but also as reliable and safe as possible.

Quick mold change
Simple format change in maximum 15 minutes
Production efficiency
Higher production efficiency due to short changeover time

تولید بشکه پلاستیکی

Productivity and high efficiency of the 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

The extraordinary performance of the 20-liter extrusion blow molding machine has been confirmed by the latest tests based on international standards. Several Pars extrusion blow molding machine achieved the best energy efficiency classification of 10. Electricity consumption, cooling water consumption and thermal energy of plastic are measured. With the introduction of many technological optimizations, our systems can now operate with much higher energy efficiency than a few years ago.

Price and purchase of 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine

The 20 liter extrusion blow molding machine is performance-oriented yet cost-effective. We have continued to develop 4L, 10L, 20L and larger hydraulic extrusion blow molding machine continuously over the generations. Popular extrusion blow molding machine are manufactured in our factory and offer a wide range of possibilities for use, from packaging, automotive to special applications. We can provide you the most cost-effective solution for all of these.

We also optimized and added several technical features. This feature allows you to benefit from the most practical extrusion blow molding machine from 1 liter to 60 liters. Contact us for advice and technical expertise regarding the purchase of plastic injection and extrusion blow molding machine

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