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Plastic dehumidifier

plastic dehumidifiers are used to increase the quality of primary plastic materials for production, and by removing moisture from plastic materials, it increases the strength and quality of the output product. No need for external cooling water, also no water leakage problem. Compared to other dryers, our dehumidifier has faster drying efficiency and very low energy consumption. A variety of dehumidifiers cover the 304 stainless steel shell and allow for cleanroom placement.

گازگیر و رطوبت گیر پلاستیک

Plastics have different additives that make them have different degrees of affinity for moisture. Most engineering plastics have strong hygroscopicity, which makes the efficiency of dryer degassers generally unsatisfactory, therefore, degassers and dehumidifiers have gradually become common to overcome the low efficiency caused by hopper dryers.

Plastic dehumidifier specifications

Improve the degree of drying to eliminate the generation of air bubbles so that the product has good mechanical properties, electrical properties, dimensional stability and beautiful appearance.

Effectively prevent the production of defective products, reduce the return loss and reduce the production of waste.

Shorten drying time. In order to save time and increase production.

گازگیر پت

Eye-catching semi-integrated appearance

Each model combines dehumidification and drying functions in one unit

Insulated dehumidifier with dry air blowing and cyclone

Special design that improves drying efficiency and reduces energy consumption

The dehumidifier section has two coolers

Low return air temperature and low dew point

Small and compact size for ease of movement and saving space.

Standard equipment microprocessor


PET Gasifier

The PET gasifier applies crystallizing materials from amorphous states to crystalline states such as PET, PLA, etc. The characteristic of amorphous materials is that they tend to soften and agglomerate at the drying temperature, the formation of lumps and sticking to the walls of the hopper is one of the moisture problems in PET. Crystallize amorphous materials before drying to avoid this agglomeration.

One of the options is to use a dehumidifier and a dehumidifier to form a group of a combined dryer and dehumidifier system.

گازگیر و رطوبت گیر پلاستیک

PET dehumidifier

The constant speed of the stirrer ensures that the materials do not mix during crystallization.

Simplifying and improving drying efficiency

Materials can be dried at high temperatures to improve drying efficiency.

It has a standard cyclone dust collector, which is applied in places contaminated with dust. It can effectively reduce the load on the filter bag and the number of cleaning times of the filter bag, thus extending the service life of the filter bag.

With double overheat protection, it can reduce the possibility of mechanical problems.

Equipped with a rotary valve with good sealing performance, which can remove crystallized material accurately.

Equipped with a material level switch, which can accurately detect the material level and make the operation reliable.

Equipped with a negative pressure test for immediate testing of filter ventilation. When the negative pressure is higher than the set value, the warning alarm will sound to clean the filter so that it is not blocked.

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