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blow mould

Pars Machinery Company, in addition to producing and providing all kinds of plastic injection and industry machines, specializes in manufacturing all kinds of high quality blow molds. We pride ourselves on having a team of experienced designers and blow mold manufacturers who are committed to superior quality. Many of our builders have been in the molding industry for over 20 years.

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All kinds of plastic molds

Plastic bottle and gallon mold or Bloom Molding extrusion

Air injection mold

plastic injection template


mold for packing all kinds of food products

Cold and hot drink bottle mold

Household products and food

Carbonated drink container mold

dairy packaging

قالب بطری پلاستیکی

Industrial blow mold

Engine oil gallon format


Polyethylene bottle mold

Entertainment products and toys

Plastic pallet mold

Quality control of blow mold

The end use of the bottle usually determines the amount of inspection performed on the product. The areas of toys and appliances are somewhat less important, with the main controls dealing with weight, overall dimensions, color and strength.

At Pars Company, we are committed to the manufacture of high-quality blow and injection plastic molds. After the initial mold manufacturing, samples of the produced products will be presented to the customer for testing and control, and if necessary, changes will be applied according to the customer’s needs.

Industrial components and blow containers require much more detailed testing and inspection, thus dictating the need for quality control during manufacturing. In this premise, we will examine basic quality control and its application to the blow container industry.

قالب بطری پت پلاستیک بادی

These are stress resistance, permeability, wall collapse, impact strength and product change, and it should be assumed that these basic points are met by the container.

It must also be proven that these tests have been successfully carried out on production bottles, not just on test containers made to get the job done. With these facts behind us, we must examine the necessity and use of quality control.

Inspection of quality control techniques should not be confused with product inspection, which simply involves screening manufactured items and comparing the findings to established specifications to see if the product conforms.

If the goods meet the specifications, they will be accepted, and those that do not meet them will be rejected. Unfortunately, this is almost like locking the door after the horse has gone because the damage has been done. In addition, this type of product testing is very expensive, involves considerable labor and materials, and does not explain the cause of the problem.

We do not believe that today’s manufacturer wants to rely solely on inspection of their product. There are several improved techniques that should be explored. If they are used correctly, they increase the efficiency of the machine, materials and manpower.

Control The key to using any technique in bottle blow molding is the control it gives over the manufactured product. For quality control to be used properly, it must be part of the manufacturing process and must establish a positive control method over the items being produced.

Once this control is in place, the processor or manufacturer can set the desired quality grade for a particular customer and can monitor their performance to achieve these results on a consistent basis. Undoubtedly, if someone asks the customer what level of quality he wants, he will declare 100%. Of course, this is impossible, although it is used as a goal. Everyone must settle for less than perfection.

قالب پلاستیک بادی

Real quality control is actually based on the production of some marginal or non-standard products. Quality control is achieved by measuring the quality of production in machines. This enables immediate awareness of the quality status and enables device adjustments if necessary.

Control is also provided to the end user through quality control techniques, as it assures him that the product is improved and also allows him to better evaluate his production line. Evaluation of production lots is done by sampling method to check visible and functional defects.

It is common to use a large number of samples for process quality control as well as input quality control in the decorator or bottle filler. The specifications of the desired quality control level must be established between the bottle manufacturer and his customer. In addition, the specifications on which quality control is based must be determined prior to production work.

From this specification, the processor can determine its control limits. Agreed limits are based on product requirements and determined by what the bottle container is expected to do. The use of specifications is essential because it removes much of the human judgment or sometimes guesswork involved in interpreting good or bad quality.

قالب بطری و گالن

In many industries, specifications are derived from long-standing practices that have been judged fair. In plastic, there is not enough time to determine the historical profile, and sometimes it is difficult to arrive at definitive figures. It should be remembered that specifications are actually permitted variations in the product and are therefore criteria for measuring quality.

In judging the quality based on the specifications, we should consider all the parts of the container and all kinds of possible defects. Therefore, specifications can be divided into several classifications, depending on whether they are in the form of actual measurements or are used as visual controls. Additionally, some defects may be hidden in the container and can only be assessed with some form of destructive testing.

Price and purchase of blow mold

blow mold can be very diverse according to the material used and its dimensions. Single or multi-piece molds that have the ability to produce more than one product at the same time have different prices.

Contact us for advice and guidance on ordering the manufacture of various blow molds.

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